REALTOR, there is a better way to EXPAND your business.
It's called EMPIRE VISION.

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What is Empire Vision?  

The ability increase capacity by obtaining POWER in all aspects of life, all at the same time.


POWER is obtained through a commitment to DO THE WORK by taking

intentional and deliberate action in your Body, Being, Balance, and Business. 

Those qualities is what makes us unique, it's our secret sauce.

We want more out of life. We want to impact others. 

We live by example and want to make a lot of money doing what we love.

So what does this have to do with real estate?

Well you want to make more money...right?

The EMPIRE VISION formula is simple but not easy. 

It will take commitment and hard work.

The formula is as follows:

Power + Perspective x Purpose = Profits

We understand that MONEY is the byproduct of the person YOU BEOME both personally and professionally.

Yes, the methodologies, ideologies, and beliefs are clear...

EMPIRE VISION - “Build something greater than just the next commission check.”

The progress and upswing of your business lies on how you operate and see your role in the Game. 

Accountability is a major component of staying the course.
So it is important you have a CURRENT strategy AND PLAN for growth . 
Every 90 Days we discover answer the 4 key components of your business

    1.Where are you now?
    2. What do you want?
    4. Why do you want it?
    4. How are you going to pull it off?
When you say you "really want it"....Are you following that up with the necessary action?

Yes, its very important to imagine the possibilities...But unless you take it a step further, all it will provide you is an image on how great it would be.

Simply thinking about it will not get you what you want. 

Your daily actions have to be in alignment with the thoughts in your mind on a daily basis, regardless of how meaningless you may feel these small steps are.

You can chunk down these goals by setting targets every 90 days then further chunk them down to monthly, weekly, and daily targets to achieve. 

This process, overtime, will align the world with your wants and needs.

It's a simple game....

1) See the possibilities (Ultimate Goal) for your life

2) Chunk down to smaller achievable, but just outside of your reach, i.e. 90 Day Targets.

3) Take both large and small action towards the target everyday to support the Target

4) Be consistent and recommit daily. Be Relentless!

5) Allow time to take its course.

Trust the process. It works.

We are Empire Builders Not just Realtors.

To run a successful EMPIRE there are 4 very components in your business you should be working on everyday.

Marketing - Obtain Qualified Leads
Sales - Convert Leads Into Profits
Systems - Automation and Systemization
Leadership - Trust in Self/Certainty to lead Clients. 
  •  I am a MARKETER: It is your duty and obligation to showcase your business in the best light possible. 
  • Mastering the art of Marketing is essential to the growth and prosperity of your company. You must MARKET everyday. 
  • I am a CLOSER : The ability to help your clients gain clarity to make decisions is a skill set you must continue to develop. 
  • Your clients must know that you are the authority and trust your judgement. Positioning yourself as anything less will have you spinning your wheels. 
  • Who do you need to become and what action do you need to take to be a CLOSER?
  •  I am a LEADER NOT A SAVIOR : The reality is in certain situations things will go south. 
  • The problem could be a financing issue, an appraisal issue, a title issue, an agent issue, a client issue, etc. 
  • The ability to lead yourself, your team, the title company, mortgage company, and especially your client to a a resolution is your DUTY! 
  • It is not to sit back and blame others and wish things were different. 
  • You ultimately have one of two options: 
  • 1. Find a solution or 2., move on. 
  • Dwelling on how things "should be", is not an option. 
  • The more you take on these problems as a SAVIOR the less effective you will be finding a resolution as a Leader!
  • I refuse to be just a Realtor, I am an Empire Builder! Are you?

We know that the success and expansion of your business will live or die by the people you associate with.

Yet, we run our day to day operation by the seat of our pants with no real direction, system or structure.

 Well, that's what my broker is for...right? 

To help me build my business, and teach me how to market...

Not exactly!
Here are 3 distinct ways to determine if your ASSOCIATION is the right one.

1) Many times the Broker is trying to get a handle on business themselves and don't have the systems and processes in place, much less have the experience to help you...good luck!

2) Many Broker/Owners are given a boxed plan by a franchise and really don't know what it takes to run a business or effectively market. (see point number 1). They just follow instructions.

3) Your broker is just simply hired help. There to answer "contract" questions with no "real world" business experience.

So, where does that leave you?

Because our ASSOCIATION is made up of REAL business owners and entrepreneurs, 
you will gain access to the he unique Marketing, Sales strategies, techniques 
and Systems of A.Z. & Associates Real Estate Group. 

We call it EMPIRE VISION, "Build Something Greater Than Your Next Commission Check".


I realize if you have a sad or tragic story, sympathizers will appear in droves. 

All that did for me was reinforce the story and conditioned myself to approach life through those experiences.  

I realize now that I used those stories as a sort of crutch of why I couldn’t get the things I desired. 

A sort of “permission” to suppress my greatness. 

My coaches and mentors didn’t buy into those sob stories…they saw the greater version of me.

They demanded that that person show up. 

They saw the fire and wouldn’t settle for anything less. 

They challenged my perspective and expected more. 

They painted a perspective of a life I couldn’t see before,
a life on fire. 

I went through 4 years of hard transformations and lessons to become the husband, father, and business man I am today.
This is only the beginning. 

Our view points are not meant to offend you or minimize your “story” by any means. 

But we refuse to be another sympathizer in your sphere…

We on the other hand will encourage and support the Greater Version of you. 
In your Body:
The more fit you. 
In your Being:
A more conscious you. 
In your Balance: A more balanced and united you. 
In your Business: A more purpose driven and profitable you. 

Build Something Greater Than your Next commission Check.

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